Die BHKW-Beispieldatenbank befindet sich in einem Rechenzentrum, das gegen Datenverlust und unberechtigten Datenzugriff nach den neuesten europäischen Standards geschützt ist (Bild: mipan -

Your settings and changing of your cogeneration project data is only possible after a registration via a secure login area. The databases are secured in a highly accessible data processing center.

To prevent abuse, the published data is subjected to a plausibility check regularly by the staff of the BHKW-Infozentrum.

Regarding the location information of the CHP project, a project publisher can choose between the publication for co-generation plants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as follows:

  • the exact Address
  • postal or zip-code (73647 for Rastatt) or
  • state (canton)

For projects in other states it can be chosen between

  • the exact Address
  • postal or zip-code or
  • just the country (eg. Czech Republic)

The possibility of developing a tool which will enable a direct contact to the project publisher is being considered but only if this is desired by the project publisher.

Energiewende 2023