Die BHKW-Beispieldatenbank soll zukünftig eine Übersicht über BHKW-Projekte in den unterschiedlichen Anwendungsfeldern geben (Bild:

Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) are combustion engines, which do not operate for the propulsion of vehicles, but provide electricity and heat supply to buildings the by means of a stationary unit in their boiler room. Due to the high energy efficiency of these devices a considerable amount of energy can be saved, carbon dioxide reduced and for the operator significant savings in costs. Actually a fantastic thing – if it were not for the lack of knowledge or misinformation of planners, architects and potential CHP operators regarding the diverse applications possibilities of CHP.


Despite several ten thousands CHP plants in Germany almost no CHP examples are accessibly structured. This according to the opinion of many experts constitutes an obstacle for the further expansion of energy conservation technologies. In particular, the opportunity for potential cogeneration operators to visit an already implemented CHP plant with similar requirements to their own could well lead to a positive decision for a particular variant of such a highly efficient energy supply system.


In the future, for example, a housing association planning to  build a cogeneration plant will be able to draw on a variety of exemplary co-generation plants in comparable residential buildings. BHKW-Infozentrum has been designing this sample database which will provide this information since the end of 2012.


As of spring 2016 CHP operators, installers, contractors, utilities, municipalities and cogeneration producers can enter their own CHP plants with images and background information free of charge and add to this database. For this purpose, a eparate login area for the database entry will be created. Those however who are looking for exemplary cogeneration projects do not have to register or login. Anyone can search directly for realized CHP projects.

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