Die BHKW-Beispieldatenbank lebt vom Mitmachen (Bild: fotomek -


As of spring 2016, the first CHP projects can be entered on the CHP examples. Following in the summer of 2016  publishing will take place – including the newly created pages of BHKWInfozentrum.

Act locally – think globally

The project will not be limited to the German-speaking countries. At some time in the near future there will be the possibility to enter projects in English. This will be released on the English version of the BHKW-Infozentrum.


The success of this project depends crucially on the participation of CHP operators, manufacturers and consultants. It remains the hope that as many as possible will spend the 10-20 minutes to enter a cogeneration project in the database. The entry procedure is clearly structured and step-by-step applied. Nevertheless, additional video tutorials will explain the entering of data in detail.

The aim of the database is to be to present as many examples as possible in an appealing manner and with as much information to the public and  to prospective operators.

Extension to other projects

With the start of a project, other meaningful projects with energy generations such as solar thermal systems, biomass boilers and photovoltaic projects can be entered into the database.

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